A completely new keyboard form
International patent application number: “PCT/JP2022/043894
World’s first, from Japan.
5 Features
World’s first. Keyboard that can be held with both hands to type.

The front side allows mouse operation and thumb operation of special keys, etc., while the back side allows four-finger operation of keys.
This is the world’s first specially shaped keyboard.
Only GrabShell offers this experience. A true world first.

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Free to use wherever you like.

I’m not working at my desk anymore!”
Then grab your GrabShell and head outside right now.

Go outside with GrabShell and lie down in the nature.
Take a walk on a park bench.
Working on the beach is also allowed with GrabShell.
No more need to sit up straight and type on the keyboard on the bullet train.

Customize it to your liking.

If you can’t reach your fingers, make the keys lower.
If the current layout makes it hard to type, change the key layout as well.
You can even change the light to your favorite color.

It’s up to you to make the most of it.

Excellent compatibility with AR and VR.

Even if you’re wearing AR glasses or VR goggles.
If your keyboard is on your desk, you’re not truly free.

With GrabShell, you don’t have to worry about that.

The collaboration of the XR world where you can expand the display anywhere and the new interface where you can operate the keyboard anywhere.
and a new interface that allows you to operate the keyboard anywhere
your daily life will be plunged into the next generation at once.

Careful design.

Keys, trackball, joystick,
scroll wheel, and toggle switches.
The result of dozens of refinements and pursuits,
The result is the design you see today.

Everything you see as decoration has a meaning and a story.

A new experience in gameplay

While traveling by plane or bullet train

Interface to foster curiosity

For field work hardware engineers.

Key customization to improve work efficiency


Wireless or Wired


mechanical Keyboard

Programmable Keyboard



$399 -includes 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Contents: GrabShell main unit / GrabShell case / Quick Guide / Default key map table / USB cable

Support information for GrabShell.